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March 2016

In Defense of Furries

I wrote a post about Disney’s efforts to market Zootopia to furries last week, and I really pissed off some furries by describing the community as “people who like to roleplay as animals for sex reasons.” The following is an email I received from a furry named Brooke, published with …

DIY: Create a Custom Monthly Call/Data Usage Widget

If you’re not on an unlimited plan, then monitoring your monthly usage is probably useful. Android’s built-in data monitoring can be inaccurate, but with USSD codes and Tasker, we can manipulate the data ourselves. from xda-developers

How to Disable the Action Center in Windows 10

The Action Center in Windows 10 collects notifications from Windows and other apps, displaying them in a single pop-up sidebar you can access from the Windows system tray. It also has buttons for performing quick system commands like toggling WI-FI and Bluetooth, setting quiet hours, or switching to tablet mode. Click Here to …

Some Guy Figured Out How to Hack Into Any Facebook Profile

A white hat hacker in India says he found a way to hack into any Facebook user’s profile. Don’t freak out though! Like a good white hat, the hacker alerted Facebook to the disastrous loophole. Facebook paid him a $15,000 bug bounty. Seems small. Read more… from Gizmodo