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October 2016

Peter Thiel Goes to Washington

Peter Thiel, the Silicon Valley billionaire and Facebook board member, appeared today at the National Press Club in Washington, where he gave a short speech defending his support of Donald Trump and answered journalists’ written questions about his decade-long campaign to destroy Gawker Media. His answers revealed a deep-seated hatred …

The Brutal Murder of This Neon Sand Man Is Disturbingly Satisfying

Because the human body is (scientifically) a big, wet meat sack, murder is typically an ugly, messy thing, ill-suited for coverage on a gif-heavy video blog. Luckily, the good folks at Super Deluxe managed to correct this design flaw by making their own dirt man out of colored sand—and then …

Your Facebook check-in won’t help North Dakota protestors

There's a new viral message making its way through your Facebook friends' status updates today. The copy-paste chain letter message claims that police in Morton County, North Dakota are using Facebook check-ins to target demonstrators and disrupt pro… from Engadget RSS Feed

Why You Should Never Freeze Soup with Pasta In It

Frozen soup is a lifesaver when you don’t have time, energy, or groceries to cook dinner, but not all of them freeze well. Here’s why you should stay away from freezing soups with pasta in them. Read more… from Lifehacker

ASUS ZenWatch 3 pre-orders struck up at $230

The only new Android Wear smartwatch from a major tech manufacturer this season is about to go on sale in just under two weeks.B&H Photo has opened up the pre-order queue for the ASUS ZenWatch 3 today and the pricing is just as expected: $229.99. It’s a decent price for a

Silly Animation Shows Off Some Crazy Weapons Used During the Middle Ages

From Sam O’Nella, here’s an amusing look at some of the weird, creative, and deeply sinister weapons used during the Medieval period, when castles and knights and dragons existed (oh wait): the six-story tall super giant Warwolf trebuchet, used to bludgeon castles to bits; Greek Fire flamethrowers that basically burned …