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November 2016

Oldest surviving Nikon fetches $406K at auction

 A fabulous piece of photographic history just sold at auction for $406,000, more than twice the estimated haul. This Nikon One was the third production camera — as in the third actual camera it built — from the now-famous company, and it’s the oldest one known to still be around …

It’s the beginning of the end for NASA’s Cassini spacecraft

Cassini is officially, irrevocably in its final year of existence. The NASA spacecraft has been capturing lovely images and collecting samples of Saturn and its orbiting objects since 2004, but today Cassini enters the final phase of its mission. Bet… from Engadget RSS Feed

Top YouTubers Say They’re Being Screwed Yet Again By The Platform

Recently, top YouTubers are saying that, yet again, the behemoth video sharing network is fucking them over. This time, it’s about an alleged issue with subscribers—suddenly, they’re disappearing. And, no, it’s not because they unsubscribed. YouTube, for their part, denies that there’s a glitch. Read more… from Gizmodo