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There’s an app for in-flight ‘flirting’

AirDates is a new app, currently in testing, that is positioning itself as Tinder for air travel, although it'll work on all forms of public transport. Users are encouraged to post their travel itinerary ahead of time so that they can potentially hoo… from Engadget RSS Feed

Leap Motion will bring your hands into mobile VR

Leap Motion has been working on making your interactions in VR as realistic as possible, but it's only been available to desktop or console systems. Now, the company has expanded its scope to mobile devices with its new Mobile Platform, designed for… from Engadget RSS Feed

Oculus’ Touch controllers are well worth the wait

The Oculus Rift proved that high-end VR has a place in your home, but so far it's lacked one major feature: motion controls. That's something both the HTC Vive and Sony PlayStation VR offered from the start, and it's gone a long way toward helping th… from Engadget RSS Feed …

Amazon Go is a grocery store with no checkout lines

It looks like those rumors of Amazon convenience stores were true. The online shopping giant unveiled Amazon Go today, its spin on brick and mortar retail. It uses computer vision and a whole bunch of sensors to let you walk into a store, sign in wit… from Engadget RSS Feed …