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The Tiny, Tightly Organized Bag

Sometimes, a small bag is all you need to accompany you and the rest of your tools. Over on Everyday Carry, user 270Ultimate shares the bag they take along with them as a real estate appraiser. Read more… from Lifehacker

How to Be Less Stupid About Money 

Some people love to pore over their finances to optimize their spending and savings like a fine-tuned machine. Myself, I prefer to stick my head in the sand and hope my bank account just manages itself. Felix Salmon, senior editor at Fusion and co-host of Slate’s Money podcast, is here …

What’s Your Favorite Everyday Backpack? 

Plenty of people, myself included, prefer the versatility and ergonomics of backpacks to single-shoulder messenger bags when it comes to lugging laptops and other gear from A to B, so this week, we’re looking to find the best. Check out the rules below, cinch up your straps, and head down …